ASKLEPIEON  CLINIC – for outpatient and inpatient treatment

Asklepieon Crete is a care unit located in a completely renovated building in the center of the city of Heraklion.

To ensure high-quality diagnostic and invasive services the clinic is equipped with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art medical instruments as well as the team working with advanced medical techniques.  The first-class equipment supports bio-medical applications.

Each year, the clinic expands / renews its equipment with the latest and indispensable modern medical equipment, knowing that it is the synthesis of human skills and progressive technology that saves lives and solves health problems.

All public areas are air conditioned and decorated to create a comfortable stay for all. A central heating for colder days is as well a part of the building.

All patient rooms have WC and are equipped with satellite TV and telephone and with a central oxygen supply on each bed.

The clinic has a capacity of 60 beds, has 3 operating rooms, 5 beds for intensive care, a septic surgery and a maternity ward. It also has 2 equipped ambulances on a 24-hour basis.




Eye clinic

Surgical Department

Obstetrics / gynecology

Embryology Laboratory

Intensive Care




Pregnancy tests

Triplex heart

Holter ECG


Exercise ECG

Radiologic / radio diagnostic

Microbiological / biochemical laboratory

Hemodynamic laboratory


ASKLEPIEON has a foreign department. Multilingual staff takes care of the well-being of foreign guests and, if necessary, handles communication with foreign insurance companies / insurance carriers. It is important for the clinic to give EACH patient a sense of security.


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