Creta InterClinic

C.I.C. performs all the modern techniques in the field of surgery. The facilities available in the area of surgery encompass 4 operating rooms ( one of them is equipped for operation of heart-surgeries ) and two intensive care units- CCU, RCU, Rehabilitation Units.

C.I.C. uses two fully equipped ambulances in order to ensure the patients safety during their transportation.

The specific ” core ” of C.I.C. is constituted by a group of distinguished doctors of all specialties. Their work is supported by specialized and experienced personnel. Moreover, the paramedical, administrational and technological stuff are expertise in their area. Each one of them has been carefully recruited in order to ensure, in all sectors, service provision of the highest standards according to the principles of total quality management.

Creta InterClinic is always faithful to its principles and trying to offer high quality services to its clients.






– Internal Medicine

– Surgical

– Urology

– Orthopaedic

– Cardiology

– Cardiosurgery

– Hemodynamic

– Vascular

– Thoracic Surgery

– Neurosurgery

– Ophthalmic Surgery

– E.N.T.

– I.C.U. (Intensive Care Unit )

– Microbiology

– Hepatology

– Cytology

– Immunology

– Endocrinology

– Laparoscopic Surgery

– Electro Physiological DPT.

– Pulmonary DPT.

– Reumatology

– Plastic Surgery

– Microsurgery

– Laser For Vascular Aplic




Cret InterClinic has established a special foreign administration department, responsible for the communication with all the insurance companies abroad. Its multilingual staff will provide the best service to make the patient feel safe and will provide all necessary medical documents for his repatriation.


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